Dentistry: 1. street Kölcsey Ferenc Esztergom 2500  phone: +36 20 336-4967

Our dental clinic that includes oral surgery and facial aesthetics has been located in the historical part of the city of Esztergom the oldest city of Hungary.

Why Choose Us?
Because of the high quality dental treatment at affordable prices combined with a pleasant relaxating stay in Esztergom, the oldest town of Hungary. MarkoDental means high standard dentistry and easy travel arrangements. We guarantee high quality service with careful attention paid to all patiens needs. Our dentists have international experience and are well known for professionalism and high standard of care. We work with prominent traders and suppliers of dental products and materials such as Straumann, Alpha-Bio, Dio Implants and also with the highest quality dental equipment such as Stern Weber. Why Is Dentistry Cheaper With Us? Compared to Western Europe, in Central Europe living costs and salary levels are significantly lower so the prices for local products and services also. How Much Will My Dental Treatment Cost? We operate an excellent, high quality dental clinic offering world class treatment at affordable prices. High tech dental procedures are much cheaper by MarkoDental, so you can cut your dental bill by 60%. Treatment plan is free.

Where Is My Accomodation There?
We are able also to offer, excellent furnished, almost luxury apartments right next to the clinic, with the lowest price available.

 Free of charge treatment plan with more alternatives.
 Finest dental materials.
 Exclusive high-tech environment.

Coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks or smoking are well known for their ability to discolour teeth but this also occur. Dental implants look back on a 50-year-old history and have undergone a very large development.

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