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Travel agencies: We offer our partner programme in a contract framework to travel agencies in return for a discount programme and ticket sales possibilities. As a quality tourist attraction in Buda Castle, the Hospital in the Rock is easily joined with visits to the castle, thematic “retro” programmes, or adventure programmes. Its cool, 15-18 °C temperature is a refuge from the hot summer sun. Our guests can buy refreshments in the Bunker Bar, and clean toilets are at their service. The complete normal group visit and incentive program can be offered to your clients. Inquire via the email address.

On demand we hold a 30-45-minute long, extramural history lesson and presentation enlivened with projections. The viewing of the institution is after the presentation (with the appropriate group discount admission prices). The Siege of Budapest 1944-45: A presentation enlivened with maps and contemporary news items about true, undistorted events, human destinies and decisions, which led to the devastation of Budapest. We shape the presentation as a function of age and interest. Naturally, the history of the Hospital in the Rock during this time receives special mention, enriched with the reminiscences of eye witnesses. The 1956 Revolution: A summary of the revolutionary events and military operations, their meaning and impact. The Cold War – Nuclear Menace: A guide, befitting the spirit of the location, to the strategies and nuclear instruments of the Cold War and the opposing sides, civil defence and the role of nuclear bunkers. Interactive Guided Tour: Extended guided tours with tour guides in contemporary clothes, including playful tasks – putting on bandages, masking people as patients, carrying people on stretchers, putting on gasmasks. The bravest team receives presents based on their performances (gasmasks, syringe pens, postcards). Tour duration: 1,5 hours.

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English guided tours depart every hour on the hour. Last entry is at 7 pm. The Museum is CLOSED on the 1st of November, 24th, 25th, 31st of December and on the 1st of January.

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