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Dent-A-Lux dental surgery was opened at 2 Korona Street, in the heart of Kecskemét, in 2000. Since that time our slogan and aim has been to provide our clients with European quality under guarantee at a reasonable price due to the positive feedback and increasing interest in aesthetic solutions in the elapsed period, from now on we would like to make our preliminary consultancy available on the web as well. Although dental examination and treatment unfortunately cannot be substituted this way, we would like to introduce the solutions from which you can choose based on quality and your financial expectations both on our website and in our surgery. The complete medical attendance is supported by modern equipment such as digital X-ray device and oral camera. Much more detailed pictures can be taken with the digital X-ray device while exposing our clients to 90% less radiation. With a mouth camera, you can follow your treatment real time. Smile design is recommended for patients who are not willing to settle for aesthetically displeasing, discolored, cracked or dispositioned teeth. This treatment is essential if you believe that quality is an everyday requirement, rather than luxury. Contact us if you feel that your beautiful smile should not be compromised by aesthetically damaged teeth.

We all know how devastating discolored, cracked or mispositioned teeth can be to one’s self-confidence. Cosmetic dental work can effectively restore funcionality and aesthetics to teeth whose looks and chewing ability have been compromised. Treatment involves designing the desired aesthetics using state-of-the-art technology and implementing it in the patient’s mouth. The result is a happy, confident individual feeling no embarrassment and ready to smile whole-heartedly again. As one satisfied patient once put it, “This is a dream come true.” We believe that quality is not luxury but a requirement. We really are perfectionists in the sense that we think our patients deserve the best treatment possible. In order to ensure this, not only do we keep our expertise up-to-date, but team up with the best technical support providers. We extensively use the products of the Germany-based Ivoclar Vivadent GmbH, a global leader in the manufacturing of materials and technologies for premium cosmetic dental care. Whether it is a veneer, a partial or full crown, the result is guaranteed. Beautiful teeth with a look so natural that everyone will assume they are real.

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If our services have raised your interest, you can consult us personally from Monday to Friday during consulting hours or after contacting us by phone we are at your service on a consultation combined with a free mouth check-up.

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