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You will have already thought of the difference between washing at home and having a chat with friends. You may have had problems with washing a big blanket or with the clothes drying at home and making you feel that you are unable to move. These are the problems that we have also faced many times, which led us to set up a laundry for you where you can get over washing simply and quickly, in a friendly environment.
Bubbles International Zrt. is a Hungarian undertaking. We opened the first Hungarian non-stop self-service laundry in 2011 with the aim to introduce and popularise community washing in a comfortable and professional environment where housework can be a pleasant experience.
In our Bubbles self-service laundries the big-capacity washing- and drying machines make it easy to wash and dry even several bags of laundry or other, large items (e.g. blankets, quilts, couch covers etc.).
Our machines are state-of-the art, computer-controlled RENZACCI industrial washing- and drying machines that combine the quality provided by professional laundries with simple operability. We use the excellent CHRISTEYNS ( detergent and disinfectant that is automatically dosed according to the selected programme, guaranteeing the use of the appropriate quantity. Due to the industrial technology, washing time is considerably reduced compared to the time spent on washing at home.

With the professional technology and high capacity machines, washing time is reduced, which decreases energy consumption and the amount of the water and detergent used, and contributes to the protection of our environment. The controlled use of industrial detergents also reduces the environmental load significantly. We are proud of our guests who protect the environment by using our laundry!

Our machines also add textile-friendly disinfectant to all laundry programmes. With the professional technology, the laundry time is shorter than at home, and washing can be done even in 30 minutes. Large weekly wash can be done easily and quickly as you can use several machines simultaneously.


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